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Guidelines & Regulations & Submission form

Serile Filmului Gay FILM FESTIVAL / Gay Film Nights FILM FESTIVAL este inscris in iar inscrierea filmelor se poate face de catre producatori direct, folosind asadar si noi binecunoscutul sistem folosit deja de marile festivale din lume.

Adresa SFG pe este:

Si tot azi a fost finalizat si regulamentul (este in engleza) iar formularul de inscriere poate fi gasit AICI.

Guidelines & Regulations
Electronic Submissions -

1. There is a regular deadline of August 10, 2008 - with no entry fee. Submissions postmarked after the day mentioned above will be taken into consideration for the next edition of the festival.
2. Films and videos should be of interest to lesbians, gay men, bisexual, intersex and/or transgendered people. We seek feature, narrative, documentary, experimental films and videos. Works mustn’t have already been exhibited publicly or broadcasted on television in Romania.
3. Rough cuts and works-in-progress are eligible for submission; it is the filmmaker’s responsibility to clearly indicate at the point of submission that their work is a "work in progress".
4. VHS and DVD screeners (PAL) are the preferred formats for submission. Preview screeners must be clearly labeled with the title of the work, running time, filmmaker’s name, and contact telephone number. Please test consumer-burnt DVDs on several makes and models of players before submitting to our office.
5. A completed entry form must be included with every submission. If you submit more than one entry, please complete a separate submission entry for each additional title submitted.
6. Mail the preview DVD or VHS cassette (PAL) with a transcript of dialogues and commentaries for our selection committee before the 10th of August 2008.
7. Enclosing a more complex press kit with the submission (including photos) is strongly encouraged and will be required upon acceptance. JPEG stills must be 300 dpi (dots per inch) and can be sent to
8. Works in languages other than English must be subtitled for their exhibition at the Festival. English subtitles are strongly preferred for submission copies, but works in Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, German and French without subtitles will be taken for consideration.
9. By submitting your work to the Gay Film Nights Film Festival you grant the GFN a non-exclusive license to use an excerpt of your film (if selected) for up to 3 minutes on the TV and other promotional purposes. Stills and jpeg photographs supplied by makers may be used for promotional reasons, including but not limited to the program of the Festival, festival email blasts, festival press publicity and the website of the event. The Festival must be notified in writing of any press or photo restrictions.
10. The GFN Festival does not pay rental fees for the submitted works. Instead the organizers choose to invest the resources in producing the best possible showcase for the work of the producers and promoting that work as widely as possible.
11. The applicant must pay for the shipment of the exhibition materials for the Festival.
12. Submitted preview DVDs will not be returned. Previews will become part of the GFN archives or will be recycled.13. The Festival accepts no responsibility for the loss and damage of the programmed exhibition materials beyond carrier insured value during shipment to the Festival or back to the applicant. The Festival takes utmost care of your exhibition materials and provides limited recompense for any damage incurred during the screenings.
14. The Festival does not pay additional charges for original, master or special prints.
15. Awards. Programmed works may be considered for eligibility in the following awards competitions: Best Feature Film, Best Documentary Film, Best Short Film and Best Short Audience Awards. Other award competitions may be announced during the submission period.16. Trailers. Promote your work! We encourage the submission of film trailers for accepted narrative and documentary Features, for theatrical and web exhibition before and during the festival. Trailers should be maximum two minutes in length. 17. The Festival will not screen each title more than 3 times thorough the period of the festival, as stated in the international regulations.
18. GFN Film Festival will not screen the winning films more than 3 times thorough the period of the festival and immediately after it (when they will be presented in an LGBT-themed caravan in the community), as stated in the international regulations.
19. Entering a film/video implies the acceptance of the Festival’s submission guidelines and regulations.

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